Yeah the Girls!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may be aware that today we celebrate International Women’s Day. A day that is dedicated to the empowerment and equality of women everywhere. It was started in the early 1900’s by the Suffragette’s who began taking action against gender inequality and paving the way for a better future for us all. Talk about sticking it to the man!

Since then we have seen massive strides taken to ensure that there is not only gender equality, but also equality for everyone. While there is still a long way to go, we are now living in a world that we have so much more say and freedom to go after what we want and be true to ourselves. International Womens Day acknowledges the progress that has been made and raises awareness of the work that still needs to be done to provide a better future for the generations that follow.

For many people it also is a day where they can show appreciation for the important and incredible women in their lives. It is very uplifting to see so many people talk about the women who inspire them and gain a little insight into the different women out there who are doing incredible things with their lives.

To the women who are fighting battles everyday, whether it be abuse, illness or inequality, you are a fierce warrior who is so strong and able to overcome any challenges you may face.

To all the women going after their dreams despite all the adversity they may face, you are so brave and inspire others with your actions.

To all the women who are speaking out for those who feel they can’t to ensure that we continue to make strides for equality, we thank you for all that you do for each of us and for making the world a better place.

To all the women who feel like they are just existing in this world and that they don’t have any thing special to offer, you are so much more than you realise and are a beautiful and unique piece to the puzzle that is life and it would be incomplete with out you.

To all the incredible and inspiring women in my life, thank you for guiding and inspiring me. Without you I would not be who I am today. Without you I would not have the confidence and bravery to go after what I want and speak up for what I am passionate about. Without you my life would not be filled with friendship, happiness and, most importantly, love.

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