Chronic Illness,  Mental Illness

Hello world!

This is me (insert The Saddle Club Theme song here)! I thought that for my first post I would give a little insight into who I am and what drove me to creating this space.

I am a twenty-five year old Australian who was born into a large family that is extremely close. I was Homeschooled most of my schooling years and left school, moved nine hours away from my parents and started working full time at the age of sixteen. I have always been someone who feels my loved ones emotions strongly and have always wanted to do whatever possible to help others. When I was as young as seven years old I decided that my number one goal in life would be to make a positive difference in others lives.

Over the last eight to ten years I have personally experienced many battles with mental illness and the soul-crushing loneliness that it entails. Throughout this time I was also facing other battles but did not know what was the cause, only that there was something that was not quite right. In recent years I have come to be diagnosed with Chronic Illnesses that have shed some light on many of my struggles.

But this did not mean that everything was now easier. Instead, it meant that I now had to work that much harder at both my mental and physical health to ensure that I still had a quality of life. It has been a constant battle, and half the time I feel like I am losing, but I am slowly finding my way.

Throughout this journey I have learnt three main things:

  1. That speaking out helps you become more aware of yourself and understand what you are going through better.
  2. That there is strength in numbers – when you find others that are going through or experiencing similar to what you are, you feel like you are not crazy for feeling the way that you do. That what you are going through is the “normal” for others as well.
  3. That every challenge you face is just building your strength to prepare you for the next chapter in your life.

After having to give up on many of my life goals due to my illnesses I was feeling lost at where to go from there. It took many months before I realised that my main life goal was still achievable despite what life had thrown my way. That I could use my own personal experiences to help others who may be feeling as lost as I have been, to not feel as alone, or to use my voice to raise awareness of these illnesses for those who feel they cannot speak.

This is when Broken Bexxy was born. This is me embracing myself, cracks and all, and welcoming others to come on this beautifully chaotic journey with me.


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